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At Nest Furnishers, we blend comfort and style, providing the ultimate invitation to relaxation whether at work or home. With over five years of expertise in the furniture industry, we are dedicated to bringing exceptional comfort to every office and home that chooses our products.

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We are a leading home and office furniture manufacturer and retailer  in Zimbabwe with a philosophy of offering “Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Comfy and Excellent Service.” Founded in 2018 and officially registered in 2023, we have remained a privately held and proudly a Zimbabwean-based furnishing company since day one. With superior craftsmanship inside and the finest fabrics outside you can be certain the Nest Furnishers line of products are of the highest quality. For the ultimate invitation to relaxation Nest furnishing provides comfort and style, right at work or at home. We exceptionally take pride in bringing exceptional comfy in every office and home that uses our products and this has become our heritage with expertise we’ve honed over five years (and counting!) in the furniture industry. Our legacy will continue to exist due to our customer obsession culture. It is an obsession that is only matched by our drive to innovate, while continuing to lead in both quality and comfort. To meet the unique needs of every home, office or school, we’re proud to offer personalized  furnishings that are well-made, comfortable, functional and beautiful.


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Sustainability Goals

Nest Furnishers embodies business practices that promote the long-term preservation and enhancement of natural resources. We’re committed to creating a culture that goes beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements and truly strive for environmental leadership within our industry.

Recommendation - "The quality of their product is unmatched, and they are timeless. Their customer service is excellent, I did not know what I needed they gave it to me. Five Star and I highly recommend"

Paula Sanders

"As an interior designer, I always seek furniture that combines style and functionality. Nest Furnishers never disappoints! Their range of office desks and chairs not only adds a touch of elegance to the workspace but also ensures utmost comfort for long hours of work. Highly recommended!"

Rutendo C

"I recently furnished my entire home with Nest Furnishers' products, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations! The personalized furnishings perfectly complemented my interior design vision. The team was helpful throughout the process, making it a delightful experience."

Takudzwa N

"Nest Furnishers' commitment to quality and comfort is evident in every piece they create. I bought a bed from them, and it has been a game-changer for my sleep quality. The attention to detail and use of premium materials truly set them apart. Thank you for bringing exceptional comfort to my bedroom!"

Tinotenda K

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Welcome to Nest Furnishers' inspiring blog! Explore interior design, furniture trends, and lifestyle tips that elevate comfort and style. Let's discover together!

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