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Nest Furnishers is a leading Zimbabwean furniture manufacturer, offering “Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Comfy, and Excellent Service.” Founded in 2018 and proudly Zimbabwean, we provide comfort and style to homes and offices with superior craftsmanship and personalized furnishings. Discover our high-quality, beautiful products for spaces that reflect your unique style and needs.

About Us

We Are a Leading Furniture Company

 We are a leading home and office furniture manufacturer and retailer  in Zimbabwe with a philosophy of offering “Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Comfy and Excellent Service.” Founded in 2018 and officially registered in 2023, we have remained a privately held and proudly a Zimbabwean-based furnishing company since day one. With superior craftsmanship inside and the finest fabrics outside you can be certain the Nest Furnishers line of products are of the highest quality. For the ultimate invitation to relaxation Nest furnishing provides comfort and style, right at work or at home. We exceptionally take pride in bringing exceptional comfy in every office and home that uses our products and this has become our heritage with expertise we’ve honed over five years (and counting!) in the furniture industry. Our legacy will continue to exist due to our customer obsession culture. It is an obsession that is only matched by our drive to innovate, while continuing to lead in both quality and comfort. To meet the unique needs of every home, office or school, we’re proud to offer personalized  furnishings that are well-made, comfortable, functional and beautiful.


To bring comfort to every office and home by transforming how the world interacts with furniture.


To be a world class premier purveyor of the finest home and office funishing solutions while maintaining our uncompromising principles.





Social Responsibility


Sustainability Goals

Nest Furnishers embodies a strong commitment to sustainable practices, going beyond regulatory requirements to become an environmental leader in our industry. From responsible sourcing to eco-conscious manufacturing, we prioritize the preservation of natural resources. Our passion for sustainability extends to advocating for greener practices throughout our supply chain, inspiring a culture of environmental responsibility. By choosing Nest Furnishers, you contribute to a greener future without compromising on exceptional quality and comfort. Together, let’s create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

1. Domestic Manufacturing

60% of our home and office furniture is manufactured locally and we strive to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, saving millions of miles of international shipping each year. We source raw materials including foam, bed mechanisms, fibers, textiles such as thread, and most hardwood and other wood products from Zimbabwe and within Southern Africa, as much as possible.

2. Made to Order, Made to Last

Our upholstery is personalized and made to order. We only use the materials we need, creating less waste.  Our products are built to last for generations, meaning they won’t need to be replaced for many years to come.

3. Environmental Impact

As part of our cover offering, we have integrated authentically sustainable leather based on the efficient use of raw materials and resources. All of our adhesives are water based, which are safe for the environment, and for our employees to use.   We do not use flame retardants in fabrics, plastics, foam or electronics.

4. Ethically Sourced and Recycled Materials

We support the practice of using the whole animal and leathers used in our upholstery covers are a byproduct of the food industry.  We source ethically grown and harvested wood in accordance with Laws and Acts of the land. Unused raw materials are recycled and repurposed. Excess wood is chipped down, foam is reused for carpet underlay padding and other products.

5. Certification and Compliance

All foam and wood suppliers we use have to be certified. We require all subcomponent suppliers to be compliant and certified in accordance.  ‌We strive to ensure lead levels in our covers are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Act, and in many cases, well under the maximum allowable rates.

6. Social Sustainability

It’s important to us that our workforce has the space, ability and supports needed to engage, evolve, and live healthy lives.  We support fair wages and positive working conditions for all, as well as additional supports that promote quality of life.

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